Epidendrum imperator - Majestic Epidendrum

Epidendrum imperator

Common Name: Majestic Epidendrum
Native to: Columbia. Epidendrum imperator is native to a narrow band of mountains near Antioquia, Columbia. It grows on rocks in the cool, moist mountain climate.
Plant Size: Large. Epidendrum imperator has tall, upright reed-like stems that have up to sixteen leaves.
Flower Size: 1.25 inches (3 cm)
Flower Description: The flowers of Epidendrum imperator are produced on a 24 inch (60 cm) tall flower stem that develops from the tip of mature growths. Several flowers develop near the tip of the stem and open over a long period of time. One source reports that up to eight flowers can be open at any one time.
Bloom Season: Anytime of the year.
Growing Temperature: Cool
Additional Information: Epidendrum imperator is another large, robust reed-stem Epidendrum species. Grow in a pot with terrestrial orchid potting mix. Provide cool, humid temperatures and even moisture and fertilization throughout the year.
Synonyms: None

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