Epidendrum gasteriferum - Pob-Bellied Epidendrum

Epidendrum gasteriferum

Common Name: Pot-bellied Epidendrum
Native to: Mexico. Epidendrum gasteriferum is native to the Mexican state of Oaxaca where it is found growing around 2000 meters above sea level. It prefers growing on the branches and trunks of large oak trees.
Plant Size: Medium. The stems are swollen in the middle (thus the common name).
Flower Size: Small.
Flower Description: A few bright red flowers are produced on a reflexed or drooping inflorescence that develops at the terminal of mature stems. The flowers open over an extended period of time.
Bloom Season: Winter?
Growing Temperature: Cool To Intermediate
Additional Information: Epidendrum gasteriferum has a rather limited distribution and is not terribly common.
Synonyms: None.

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