Epidendrum fimbriatum - Fringed Epidendrum

Epidendrum fimbriatum 

Common Name: Fringed Epidendrum
Native to: Venezuela, Columbia south to Peru and east to Bolivia. Epidendrum fimbriatum grows on trees or as a terrestrial plant in wet mountain forests from 1100 to 3700 meters in elevation.
Plant Size: Small. Epidendrum fimbriatum has slender, branched, leafy stems that have narrow leaves.
Flower Size: 0.25 inches (6 mm)
Flower Description: Flowers are small and fringed. Few flowers are produced on a generally unbranched flower stem that emerges from mature stems. The small, delicate flowers open over a long period of time.
Bloom Season: Epidendrum fimbriatum can bloom almost anytime of the year.
Growing Temperature: Cool
Additional Information: Grow mounted on cork or tree fern or grow in a pot with excellent drainage. The fringed flowers are attractive and delicate and bloom when you least expect it. Provide cool, humid growing conditions and give ample water when stems are growing.
Synonyms: Epidendrum alternans, Epidendrum fimbriatum var. rhomboglossum, Epidendrum integrilabium, Epidendrum rhomboglossum

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