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Cattleya Orchid Source is dedicated to providing orchid growers and hobbyists with the latest information about these beautiful, exotic orchids. There are pages for species and hybrids and descriptions of the plants and flowers. In the Growing section, there are articles about growing Cattleya species and hybrids. Topics include greenhouse growing, windowsill growing, growing orchids under lights, repotting and fertilizing information, and propagation techniques. Check out the species index where you can find detailed information about each orchid species. We also feature articles about selected hybrids. Additionally, there are links to orchid societies, other orchid sites, and places to buy orchids, orchid growing supplies, and orchid-related books. Enjoy your visit.
Cattleya Orchid Species

There are 53 species of Cattleya orchids. They are native to Mexico, Central, and South America. Most of them require intermediate temperatures and grow best in a greenhouse in cold or temperate climates. Most orchids grown in the twentieth century were Cattleyas, Cattleya relatives, or Cattleya hybrids.
All Cattleya Species

  1. Cattleya aclandiae
  2. Cattleya amethystoglossa
  3. Cattleya araguaiensis
  4. Cattleya aurantiaca
  5. Cattleya aurea
  6. Cattleya bicolor
  7. Cattleya bowringiana
  8. Cattleya deckeri
  9. Cattleya dowiana
  10. Cattleya dolosa
  11. Cattlyea dormaniana
  12. Cattleya eldorado
  13. Cattleya elongata
  14. Cattleya forbesii
  15. Cattleya gaskelliana
  16. Cattleya granulosa
  17. Cattleya guatemalensis (natural hybrid)
  18. Cattleya guttata
  19. Cattleya harrisoniana
  20. Cattleya intermedia
  21. Cattleya iricolor
  22. Cattleya jenmanii
  23. Cattleya kerrii
  24. Cattleya labiata
  25. Cattleya lawrenceana
  26. Cattleya leopoldii
  27. Cattleya loddigesii
  28. Cattleya lueddemanniana
  29. Cattleya luteola
  30. Cattleya maxima
  31. Cattleya mendelii
  32. Cattleya mooreana
  33. Cattleya mossiae
  34. Cattleya nobilior
  35. Cattleya patinii
  36. Cattleya percivilliana
  37. Cattleya porphyroglossa
  38. Cattleya quadricolor
  39. Cattleya rex
  40. Cattleya schilleriana
  41. Cattleya schofieldiana
  42. Cattleya schroederae
  43. Cattleya skinneri
  44. Cattleya tenuis
  45. Cattleya trianae
  46. Cattleya velutina
  47. Cattleya violacea
  48. Cattleya walkeriana
  49. Cattleya warneri
  50. Cattleya warscewiczii

Cattleya Orchid Hybrids

Natural Hybrids
Primary Hybrids
Complex Hybrids


Cattleya Orchid Relatives

  1. Barkeria
  2. Brassavola
  3. Broughtonia
  4. Encyclia
  5. Epidendrum
  6. Euchile
  7. Laelia
  8. Leptotes
  9. Rhyncholaelia
  10. Schomburgkia
  11. Sophronotis


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