Brassavola fragrans

Brassavola fragrans

Common Name: Fragrant Brassavola

Native to: Brassavola fragrans is native to Brazil where it grows on trees.

Plant Size: Brassavola fragrans is a medium size epiphyte has a pendent habit and hangs gracefully from a mount.
Flower Size: Medium.

Flower Description: The flowers of Brassavola fragrans has olive green petals and sepals and a cream to white colored lip. The flowers are fragrant. The branched inflorescence bears few to many flowers. Well grown plants can produce impressive displays of flowers.
Bloom Season: Blooms in the fall.
Growing Temperature: Warm, Intermediate.
Additional Information: Brassavola fragrans is much less common than some other species in the genus and should be grown in collections more often. Grow mounted on wood or cork mounts. Cut back on watering during the winter months. This species is thought to be closely related to Brassavola flagellaris.
Synonyms: None

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