Brassavola cebolleta

Brassavola cebolleta

Common Name: Onion-leafed Brassavola
Native to: Brazil, Paraguay. Brassavola cebolleta grows on trees in hot, dry forests and cliffs.
Plant Description: The foliage of Brassavola cebolleta is long, terete and pendent. The pseudobulbs are slender and pencil like. The foliage looks somewhat like chives or onion leaves.
Flower Size: 2 inches (5 cm)

Flower Description: Flowers of Brassavola cebolleta are white with a greenish cast. The lip is greenish-white or white. Sometimes the petals have a reddish flush on the rear.

Bloom Season: Late Spring, Summer, Fall. May and June is the peak bloom season.

Temperature: Hot, Warm

Additional Information: Brassavola cebolleta grows and flowers best when it has ample light, humidity, and water. Watering should be reduced when the newest pseudobulbs mature and harden. Best grown mounted on cork or a tree branch. Uncommon in cultivation.
Synonyms: Bletia ceboletta; Brassavola chacoensis; Brassavola reginae; Brassavola ovaliformis; Brassavola 'bahiensis'

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