Brassavola tuberculata

Brassavola tuberculata

Common Name: Rough or Tuberculated Brassavola
Native to: Brassavola tuberculata is native to Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia where it grows on trees in the hot, humid savannahs.

Plant Size: Medium. Brassavola tuberculata has narrow, cylindrical pseudobulbs and narrow, terete leaves. Stems are somewhat pendent.

Flower Size: 2.5 inches to 3 inches

Flower Description: The petals and sepals are green in color. The lip is white with a solid margin.

Bloom Season: Late Spring, Early Summer

Growing Temperature: Warm, Intermediate

Additional Information: Brassavola tuberculata grows best mounted on cork bark mounts. Provide lots of water during the growing season and less during the winter.

Synonyms: Bletia tuberculata; Brassavola fragrans; Brassavola gibbsiana; Brassavola trinervis; Brassavola tuberculata; Tulexis bicolor

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