Epidendrum durangense

Epidendrum durangense

Common Name: Durango Epidendrum

Native to: Mexico. Epidendrum durangense is native to the Mexican states of Durango and Sinaloa in northern Mexico. It grows on oak trees in pine oak forests between 1100 and 1900 meters in elevation.

Plant Size: Medium. Epidendrum durangense has cane-like stems that have several leaves near the top of the stem.

Flower Size: 1 inch (2.5 cm)

Flower Description: Flowers of Epidendrum durangense range from reddish to purple in color. The flowers develop on a drooping terminal stem. Only a few flowers are produced on each stem. All the flowers are open at one time.

Bloom Season: Summer to Fall

Growing Temperature: Warm

Additional Information: Grow Epidendrum durangense mounted on cork bark. Provide even moisture and fertilizer. Grow under warm or intermediate conditions. This species is closely related to Epidendrum anisatum and Epidendrum gladiatum but differs in fragrance and flower color.

Synonyms: None.

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