Epidendrum eburneum - Ivory-colored Epidendrum

Epidendrum eburneum

Common Name: Ivory-colored Epidendrum
Native to: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama. Epidendrum eburneum grows on tree trunks on large trees in hot, tropical forests between sea level and 500 meters.
Plant Size: Large. Epidendrum eburneum has large canes that have a few leaves near the top. The plant resembles Epidendrum nocturnum but has different floral characteristics.
Flower Size: 2.25 inches (6 cm)
Flower Description: Flowers are ivory-colored and have thin petals and sepals. The axilary flower stems produce up to six flowers. Fragrant.
Bloom Season: Late Fall to Winter
Growing Temperature: Warm
Additional Information: Epidendrum eburneum grows well mounted on cork bark or grown in slatted baskets. The plants get large and need space to develop into impressive specimens. Enjoy the fragrance in the evenings. Provide ample water and heat.
Synonyms: Epidendrum leucocardium

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