Epidendrum elatum - Large Epidendrum

Epidendrum elatum

Common Name: Large Epidendrum
Native to: Peru. Epidendrum elatum grows as a terrestrial orchid in cool, moist mountain habitats. It is found growing high in the mountains around 3000 meters in elevation.
Plant Size: Large. Epidendrum elatum certainly lives up to its common name. The plant has tall stems (about 1 m) that have a few elliptical leaves.
Flower Size: size
Flower Description: Flowers are green and have a fleshy texture. Epidendrum elatum produces arching flower stems from the tip of maturing growths.
Bloom Season: Fall
Growing Temperature: Cool
Additional Information: Epidendrum elatum has tall stems and green flowers. This is one of the common roadside "weeds" from the western Andes mountains. Grow in a pot with a quality terrestrial orchid potting mix. Provide cool temperatures and even moisture and nutrition.
Synonyms: None.

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