Epidendrum denticulatum - Toothed Epidendrum

Epidendrum denticulatum

Common Name: Toothed Epidendrum
Native to: Brazil and Uruguay. Epidendrum denticulatum grows as a terrestrial orchid in dry scrub plant communities.
Plant Size: Medium to Large. Epidendrum denticulatum has upright, leafy cane-like stems that have many thick, leathery leaves.
Flower Size: Small.
Flower Description: The flowers of Epidendrum denticulatum are quite variable in color and there are many color forms available. The small flowers are produced on a terminal inflorescence that has many flowers.
Bloom Season: Late Winter to Summer
Growing Temperature: Cool to Warm
Additional Information: Epidendrum denticulatum is easy-to-grow and can develop into attractive specimens with time. Some gardeners in warm subtropical and tropical climates grow them as garden plants in the ground. Keep on the dry side and provide good drainage. Grow in sandy loam soil when placed in the garden.
Synonyms: None.

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