Epidendrum difforme

Epidendrum difforme

Epidendrum difforme

Common Name: Different Epidendrum

Native to: Widespread throughout tropical America. Epidendrum difforme is highly variable and adapts to many habitats. It grows on tree branches in tropical forests up to 3000 meters in elevation.

Plant Size: Medium. Variable in size depending upon locality and growing conditions. Epidendrum difforme has upright, leafy, reed-like stems.

Flower Size: 1.25 inches (2.85 cm)

Flower Description: Flowers are small and pale green or white. The waxy flowers are almost transparent and have a pleasant fragrance. Many flowers bloom near the tip of a terminal inflorescence.

Bloom Season: Late Spring through Summer

Growing Temperature: Cool to Warm

Additional Information: Epidendrum difforme is a widespread and diverse species with many different variations. Some botanists have proposed dividing this species into several separate species. Watch for changes in taxonomy in the future. Grow this species mounted on cork or in a slatted basket or pot with excellent drainage and coarse growing medium. Water and fertilize regularly. It adapts to many different growing techniques and temperatures.

Synonyms: Amphiglottis difformis, Auliza difformis, Epidendrum apaganum, Epidendrum, Epidendrum difforme, Epidendrum radiatum, Epidendrum virens, Hormidium virens, Neolehmannia apagana

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