Laelia pururata (syn. Cattleya purpurata) pictures

Laelia purpurata (now known as Cattleya purpurata) is one of the most spectacular orchid species.  It flowers in the late spring or early summer and bears many colorful flowers.

Laelia purpurata plant in full bloom.
Image by Stephen Van Kampen-Lewis
This well-grown plant looks like it is about 30 inches tall.  Each pseudobulb produces several flowers.  Laelia purpurata has several different colorful forms.

Typical flower color and form of
Laelia purpurata (Syn. Cattleya purpurata).
Image by Stephen Van Kampen-Lewis.
This is the typical form of Laelia purpurata.  The petals and sepals are white tinged with rose or purple with a darker purple lip.
Laelia purpurata v. Werckhauseri...the blue Laelia.
Image by orchidgalore.
Blue orchid lovers really like Laelia purpurata v. Werckhauseri. The petals are white stained with a hint of coreulea blue.  This variety is used as a parent in blue orchid hybrids.
Cattleya purpurata var. carnea showing
the delicate veins in the pink lip.
Image by orchidgalore.

Laelia purpurata v. carnea has almost pure white flowers with a pink lip.  It is easy to see why there are some orchid collectors who specialize in collecting different varieties of this species.
Laelia purpurata venosa 'Bella'.
Image by orchidgalore.
One last variety for today.  This is a named variety of Laelia purpurata named Laelia purpurata venosa "Bella".  Note the fine striations throughout the petals, sepals, and lip.

Laelia purpurata is easy to grow in typical Cattleya orchid growing conditions. For more information, please read the article on Laelia purpurata.


  1. My name is Stephen Van Kampen-Lewis and I am the person in the first picture and the grower of the plant in the second picture (both attributed to isurus79). I am flattered that you are using my pictures! Would it be possible to add my name to the credits? Thanks!


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