Cattleya labiata Fall Blooming Orchid Species

Cattleya labiata is one of the finest fall-blooming orchid species.  It is easy to grow and produces a few flowers per growth reliably each autumn.  Here are some photos of Cattleya labiata.

A very fine Cattleya labiata orchid species cultivar.  This plant won
an award at the 2010 fall orchid show in Denver.  Photo by 0rchidhunter.
A "blue" variety of Cattleya labiata.  This plant is grow in Brazil.
Cattleya labiata coerulea.  Photo by PSantaRosa.
Typical purple form of Cattleya labiata.  This species orchid blooms
in the fall.  Photo by espinheira.

Check out the Cattleya labiata species description and culture guide for more orchid species growing information.

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