Epidendrum conopseum - Greenfly Orchid

Epidendrum conopseum

Common Name: Greenfly Orchid

Native to: Florida, Mexico. Epidendrum conopseum grows on trees at low elevations. In Florida, it can be found growing in cypress swamp plant communities.

Plant Size: Small. The upright stems are reed-like and have many leaves. Roots are thick and spongy.

Flower Size: 0.75 inches (2.3 cm)

Flower Description: The flowers are borne on a simple, unbranched flower spike that grows to 6 inches (16 cm) tall.

Bloom Season: Fall to Spring

Growing Temperature: Cool to Warm (adaptable)

Additional Information: Epidendrum conopseum is called the green fly orchid because of the shape of its lip which is used to attract a pollinator. Easy to grow and common in its native habitat. Grow mounted on cork or tree fern and provide even moisture. There is a Mexican variety; Epidendrum conopseum var. mexicanum. This variety grows on trees in pine-oak forests in the mountains of Mexico between 1100 and 2000 meters in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi.
Synonyms: Amphiglottis conopsea, Epidendrum magnoliae, Larnandra conopsea, Epidendrum magnoliae

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